Investing In Facilities

Today, we're working inside the  Computer & Information Technologies Departments at JCTCS to improve and supplement our company's objective and strategic purpose and vision. 

Investing in Technologies

Exploring  small whole-unit values in Indian, Chinese ; U.S. with holdings in various wireline telecommunication and data-centric services ; electronic payment technology portfolios in an extremely charged market as part of a larger strategic objectives to localize production and aide in rebuilding national relationships.

Additionally, we are exploring larger footprinted telecommunications companies in America.

Investing In People

Perspectives on Technology Skill Development summarizes our position well, " Leaders recognize than an organizations  success depends on the ability to consistently and predictively develop (and hire on) the skills needed now and into the future.

This process includes improving digital literacy, through blog posting - and instructional videos.

Investing In Network Services

To test, create and develop optimized local area residential networks so customers can get the most from their ISP.