Adding Embedded Elements Using Wix Website Editor

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Because of the importance of SEO back-links in generating the right type of network traffic, I will be discussing the process and failures associated with my first attempt to embed a video element (and back-link) from one website to another.

To begin, I'll discuss the most common method of embedding information, the hyper-linking of URLs. I have found these to be a useful format for referencing resource inside internal documents as you try and explain or support your position (not unlike the bibliographic citation). These hyper-links are often enveloped in the formats of embedded URL over text. This is often much cleaner and avoids the user having to remember or type in both a case-sensitive and structure sensitive that comprises the URL in it's un-embedded format.

You can see this comparison, where 1. displays an embedded hyper-link, and where 2. displays a un-embedded URL.

  1. hyper-linking of URLs


In fact, as a character observation - because the embed serves to minimize the amount of data being displayed on any given page, the overall load times for the requested web-page decrease.

Now, away from discussion of URLs and embedded text, and onto the process: of adding an embedded video media onto a web-page:

According to the WIX Website Editor the embedded element functions to "place elements into a site which will connect external services or (other spooky resources) ".

In fact, The WIX editor has many elements which are to this user unexplored, so for the purposes of embedding a digital media we're going to look at the Embed option:

The WIX Editor Embed Menu

Within this we're going to see options for 1. Custom Embeds, 2. Video, and 3. Audio Elements.

Under the video tab, you'll find where the media is hosted, in this case through YouTube - insert it's URL and BAM! WIX will deal with the technical aspect of formatting, and your users can enjoy a cleanly displayed multi-media video on your web-page.

What sort of videos are you putting online?

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